New Weight Training Class This Summer

We are adding a new block on the schedule for 7th grade through 12th grade Sonics this summer. This is a class that gives your teen a fun, healthy, safe and productive summer while engaging themselves in learning something new.

The work Sonic teens will do and the skills they learn will support them in their lives today and prepare them to continue to develop exercise habits in adolescence.

No one likes to “take the risk” and have their child lift weights. The upside benefits seem to still not outweigh the downside myths. And there are so many warning pieces of information out there talking about growth plates and stunted development. Fortunately, the myths surrounding this activity have been dispelled. The scientific literature is quite clear that strength training is safe for young people if it’s properly supervised. Policies have gradually been rewritten as mounds of research have demonstrated that weight training is not only safe but offers numerous positive benefits.

The truth is though that kids are weight lifting already. Pick up their backpacks in your home one day, and you’ll agree. They are heavy. This is the backpack they walk at least ¼ to a full mile or more with daily. It’s best they do these moves and lifts correctly. Not doing that is more dangerous. And this is why we find it imperative to teach our kids to properly and safely lift and move heavy things.

What we focus on in this class are the movements kids don’t even know they do today. It more fun, because it’s among friends and peers, and it just feels good.

We’ve seen teens first hand build confidence, responsibility, focus and resilience. Beyond the benefits of strength gains kids gain bone density, reduce injuries in sports and maintain a healthy weight.

The Teen Weight Training program begins this summer on Tuesday, June 21th. This program is geared for 7th grade through high school aged Sonics. The class meets 2 days a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays and is for experienced and committed Sonics who are in the gym regularly and have met our movement consistency standards.

Classes are 2 hour sessions that include 1 hour of weight training in addition to their regular 1 hour afternoon classes.

And just like our general Sonic class, classes will be run with SAFETY FIRST. The class operates with a 1:1 trainer-to-athlete ratio in the sense that no child lifts without at least one trainer’s eyes on.

Middle schoolers will come to general class first and continue into the weightlifting class after. The focus for this age group is to make progressive neuromuscular gains through proper fundamentals over weight increases.

High schoolers will come to the weightlifting class first and continue to their general Sonic class after.  They will begin to explore heavier loads following a linear progression with the goal being to increase weight by five pounds every four weeks.

This summer the weight training class will be a $10 add on to the adjacent general class.



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