3 Steps to Better Moving and Some Crazy Fun

Recently a Sonic parent asked us, “So, what am I really looking for when I watch class.”  A win or loss, a goal scored, or a best time isn’t really that apparent in the gym.  Kids are constantly working and learning functional movement, in their own ways and at their own paces.
Skills they learn can be used on the field or in the classroom. Yes, the classroom. In both a strong core is needed. The weak core is all too common these days.

So how do your kids get to learn here at Sonic? Everything they do gets coached in following order:



This is another way of saying technique. Everyone knows the “don’t lift with your back” saying. Kind of funny, but true learning for lots of kids. Your child is going to learn how to actually do this. First up, by squatting well.  And they’ll get efficient, effective and safe at doing this, by learning and practicing. And then with every skill thereafter.

We begin here with all our kids and after a growth spurt they may need to come back here to get used to their longer limbs.


Can you do it over and over again? Boring right. But super important. Most injuries don’t happen in the first quarter, they happen when you are tired come later in the workout or game. Showing up often and training correctly builds so many good things into your kids. And kids learn consistency fast.


Once consistent, it’s GO time. Kids love it. Think running and the wind through your hair. Once kids have mastered a skill we add speed, distance and load (for the older kids) to increase their ability.

Do it right then do it fast! And that’s the rocking pattern of Sonic coaching to fun.

So, pairing this all together. What do you see during a class?

First, you see a lot of moving parts. But now you know the method to the madness. You’ll see kids doing 5 different things, but they are all working on the same skill. It’s about what’s right for each kid giving them a challenge that’s within reach. Got questions? Ask away.

Our ultimate goal with your kids is to give them a deep understanding of good movement to carry with them through their days and years.  It’s so exciting to see so many of them take to it all and build up the skills in their back pocket.





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