We want to teach every kid in Seattle to squat!

Most small children usually squat perfectly and innately by the time they learn to walk.  As they get a little older, children tend to forget how to do a perfect squat since they don’t do it all the time.


Why is it important to learn how to do a good squat?

The squat is a basic movement that we perform our entire lives. The squat precedes walking in human movement. Picture a toddler that has learned to stand and squats down to play with toys.  Up/down up/down, they do it all day. For us coaches it’s a beautiful sight and I saw it today in the gym from a 19 month old.

There is one big reason to squat – it helps counteract all that sitting we do.  And makes us:

  • stronger
  • faster
  • jump higher
  • improves bone density in all age groups
Now let’s go squat and pass the word! #squatSeattle

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