Skill of the Month

October- Handstands
November – Rings

Handstand month was such a hit in October.  Some serious work was done in here. BRAVO!

We have started to add a monthly focus as our second daily skill in our middle and high school classes.  This allows your kids to dig deeper and really focus on a skill for a period of time.

So why did we focus on handstands in October? Handstands increase spatial awareness and expose you to a new world of being upside down. It puts you in a foreign space that you have to orient yourself into. Shoulder, core strength and balance are challenged in new ways. When standing on your feet, the focus point of balance is at your hips. When inverted the balance point shifts to your shoulders building rock solid shoulder strength equal to hip strength and your core in between. The handstand has become extinct in many strength and conditioning circles. It’s here to stay at Sonic!

Next up in November our skill of the month is rings. Come work on your skin the cats, ring stability, muscle ups and more.




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