New Gear – RowPerfect coming to Sonic

Yes, the pic looks like every other indoor rower on the market. But, on the RowPerfect both ends move on the machine so power and technique are an equal focus as opposed to the ever so popular Concept 2 erg, that measures power primarily. The RowPerfect is very sensitive to good coordination, rewards good technique and simulates the same feel and flow of rowing on the water.

So why get a RowPerfect?  As strength & conditioning coaches our goals are to help with injury prevention and to teach the proper mechanics to increase sport performance.  We believe all rowers should balance their winter training with time on a RowPerfect even if they spend time on the water in the winter and even more so if they are training primarily on a Concept 2 erg. It’s a nice balance to the excessive loads the Concept 2 puts on young developing backs.

Michelle rowed in college with the people behind RowPerfectNA and they are bringing us a RowPerfect to use at Sonic. We are excited to have this new tool in the gym. It will arrive this Sunday. Swing on by next week to give it a go.


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