A Week at Sonic Middle School Camp

Wow! What week!  We had such a great time with the Middle Schoolers running our first camp for this age group. Here’s a brief summary of everything we did.

On Monday, we introduced them to CrossFit. We always start by teaching the squat. It is the foundational movement for many of the moves we progress to in here. We also talked about trying and playing new sports so we made a list of sports to try and then voted on one to do on Wednesday. Paddleboarding won out with Track and Field following closely behind. We headed to Wallingford Park for the rest of the day where we played field games and tested our balance on a slackline.


On Tuesday, we continued working on CrossFit skills. Today we introduced the deadlift. We use a fun little move called the Angry Gorilla to teach them to lift with their legs and hips instead of their backs. Picture an angry gorilla sticking their chest out to show their dominance.  That’s how we get them to lift with safe backs.  We then took an urban hike to Gas Works Park and hung out up at the sun dial and rolled down the hill a bunch of times. We walked over 3 miles that day.


Wednesday, we shifted our focus to gymnastics moves and worked on handstands. Gymnastics is part of the mix of skills in CrossFit and is an amazing way to learn body awareness and balance. We then took off for Greenlake via bus and spent the rest of the day paddleboarding, another test of balance.


Thursday, we moved back to more lifting skills and learned the press. The press is pushing weight overhead. This is a very functional way to increase core strength without doing tons of sit-ups.  In here we talk about midline stabilization instead of core strength as it is a more complete look at how the body uses its center in sports and everyday life. The midline is the entire spine, and its stability is dependent not just on the core, but also on all the prime movers of the body, including the hip, glutes, and hamstrings. By special request, we returned to Wallingford Park for more field games and slackline again.


Phew, we made it to Friday, since Track and Field was such a close second in our sports vote earlier this week we walked straight to the track at lower Woodland Park fields and did some running drills including the Pringles drill. In the Pringles drill they held a Pringle chip in each hand and learned to run with light hands. If the Pringle survived they got to eat it, otherwise it crumbled in their hands. We then moved to field games and learned to throw a shot put, javelin and heavy ball for distance.  All of these requiring transfer power through your hips into your hands to throw.

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 6.08.49 PM

Total Miles walked all week: over 8 miles
Number of laughs: endless!

We will hold another middle school camp the week of August 10. Click here to sign up and spread the word: https://soniccrossfit.frontdeskhq.com/events/782519

There are lots of pics on our Instagram at https://instagram.com/soniccrossfitteenskids

See you back at Sonic soon!


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