Squats and why we drill them home…



We spend a lot of time on squats….if your kid is a visual learner Coach Claira is a great example of a well developed squat. Check her squat out in the photo above.  Hips are back, weight is in her heels, chest is up and her knees are out.

Mark Rippetoe author of Starting Strength says it best, “There is simply no other exercise, and certainly no machine, that produces the level of central nervous system activity, improved balance and coordination, skeletal loading and bone density enhancement, muscular stimulation and growth, connective tissue stress and strength, psychological demand and toughness, and overall systemic conditioning than the correctly performed squat.”

Want to know how Coach Claira got there? She works on it EVERYDAY. I’ve been watching her in the gym when we have quiet moments…yes, they exist here. She’ll put in a few minutes on drills working to better her position. Pull her aside anytime and get some tips to work on your squat here in the gym and some to take home when you find those quiet moments yourself this summer.

See you in the gym,


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